Lim Weijing Kelvin

My Snazzy List of Links

The Singapore Scorpion Page: A GOOD FRIEND THAT HELPS ME OFTEN
Chris tarantula page: great
Dave's Tarantula page: go take a look at it!
Doug's bulletin board: best place to advertise anything tarantula wise
Anansi's Page: go take a look!!
THE ARACHNOLOGY HOME PAGE : loads of links 27/10/98
Will's Tarantula Page: molt log 27/10/98
ArachnoCity: 27/10/98
Shohei's Tarantula Page: species info 27/10/98
Worldwide Exotics: plenty of pics 27/10/98
The Arachnofiles: loads of info on diff. spp.!
Lelle home page:
Jason's Tarantula Web: 6/11/98
Jon's Pet Arachnid & Insect Page: offers a message board, caresheets and many more 20/11/98
Mike Troll's Tarantula Page: 20/11/98
The Tarantula's Nest: 20/11/98
The Other Side of The Universe: great site! Check it out!!! 20/11/98
Tarantula Planet: supports frame and no-frames mode 20/11/98
Tarantula Tour: 28/12/98
Silent Hunters In Our House: 19/03/99
Tarantula As Pets: has AVIs and great pictures!! 19/03/99
Spydermans Lair: 19/03/99
Wade's Tarantula WEB Page: 19/03/99
Treetop Tarantulas: A Home For Those Terrestrially Challenged 19/03/99