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Welcome to the Singapore Tarantula Page where I will introduce you to my pet tarantulas!! Well, I live in Singapore have two Asian Forest Scorpions and recently I bought a Hondoras Curly Hair. This interest has been in me since 8,but then I didn't know how to keep and get'em. My Curly was bought at 1". I put in in a 'Pet Pals' tank with some peatmoss as substrate, at a corner I included a small water dish to keep the humidity in. In the centre a rock was used, and there you are...a snug and cosy home for my Curly! Curly molted in a weeks time and is now 1 1/2". Ever since he molted, his appetite was great!! He eats 3 adult crickets a day!. Currently I am looking for the Antilles Pinktoe. I hope in the near future I can get to keep more and more tarantulas.

BASIC CARE: Care for tarantulas are actually relatively simple and cheap too. Basically for groung dwellers, you need a tank or even a box big enough to let the tarantula move about. As for substrate, you can use potting soil, but over several watering, the soil may sink and cake. So I used peat. Peat can retain moisture very well, though too much promotes fungi. If you want to decorate the tank, try not to overdo it.( you won't see your spider often!) I used a big rock instead of driftwood as the latter may grow moulds. offer a small water dish some where to keep to humidity in.

FEEDING: Crickets are a staple food supply for the tarantula. For spiderlings, give them pinheads or freshly killed crickets. For adults, they eat any thing they can overpower. Pinkies can given as a suppliment.

MOLTING: As spiders have a hard exoskeleton, they have to molt in order to grow. Before they molt, they will fast for a week or two, do not give it any food. When you see it lying on its back, DON'T PANIC it's molting, After molting, the tarantula will have to rest for a few days before it resume its normal routine.

As I do not have a scanner, I used pictures from other websites. Sorry for not asking for permission.

Be sure to return as soon as I will update it as soon as possible.

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