Lim Weijing Kelvin

COLECTIONS   26/10/98

Currently I have a Brachypelma Albopilosum which I got it at 1". I brought it home and led it to my hands. Boy, was he cuddly!! His ahir was so curly that it looked as if it had a bad hair day! This is the fisrt time I held a tarantula. I already had a cosy home for him.A wide tank with 2" of peat as its substrate. I also included a water-dish with pebbles in it( to prevent crickts from drowning) to keep the humidity in. Instead of driftwood, I used a flat piece of rock so no fungi can grow. Curly seems to love his new home. After eating 8 crickets and 2 frogs in a week, Curly molted! Now he is 1 1/2" big! He rested for 3 days before resuming its normal routines. He is noe big, so is his appetite!

NEW!!! PETS:----A.Avicularia, A.Aurantica,Coreniomenis Validas!!!

Othe pets: 1 dog, 2 Asian Forest scorpions, 3 hamsters

PREY NO. SINCE 26/10/98.