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PREY NO. SINCE 26/10/98


Scientific Name: Avicularia Versicolour

Comman Name: Antilles Pinktoe

Significance: Colour changes as it grows

Size: Antilles

Behavior: doctile but sometimes nervous

Remarks: This aboreal pinktoe is the most beautiful of all Avicularia spp. because its colour changes as it grows. As a spiderling, it is metallic steel blue and when an adult, its abdomen turns pink and legs brown. The juveniles love to run out of the tank once the lid is opened. You need a taller and less wider tank to keep them in. 1" of peat, wtaer-dish and daily misting are needed to keep the humidity in. You also need a an upright corkbark for the spider to spin its tube web against it.

Lim Weijing Kelvin

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