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Mealworms are not actually worms but immature larvae of a beetle species. The adult is a black betle about 1" long. The mealworms looked lile large long fly maggot of 1". they have a straw colour with darker heads. Mealworms are a comman prey for many animals and are widely sold in fish and bait shops. Feeder mealworm can be kept in the refrigerater for a week or so.


To raise these animals, you will need about 50 of the mealwoms. A plastic sweater box makes a good container for raising the beetles. Prapare a mixture of wheat grains, instant oatmeal and powdered skim milk, fill the sweater box with 2" of that. Cover the whole thing with a layer of damp paper towel, add a few pieces of fresh fruit to mantain humidity. Add the mealworms and place the container in a dark warm place. The worms will tunnel through the cereal, eating as they go.

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