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Crickets are properbly the most widely used food animals for raising tarantulas. Although crickets are widely available in pet and bait shops, finding a source of very small pinheads can be a real headache. Therefore, if you have a number of small spiderlings to feed, you would have to rase your own colony of crickets to ensure a steady supply.


Cricket breed readily in captivity, provided they are given suitable conditions. Any large container is good for raising crickets, a tight fitting lid is needed tp prevent the crickets from escaping.


Place a number of toiley folls inside the container. The crickets will use these as hiding place and for climbing. No substrate is needed. Just place the box in a darka and warm area where temperatures range from 85 to 90 F. At one end of the container, place a small water dish to allow the crickets to drink. It will be good if you put some pabble in the water dish to prevnt tha pinheads from drowning.

Crickets need a high- protient diet. A good staple supply of fish flakes or dog food should be given to them. They should also be supplimented with some slabs of fruits. If they are not well fed, the crickets wil start eating the cardboard- and soon, each other. Every so foten, you may have to break apart the container to remove dead crickets as dead crickets smell really bad.


Uneaten crickets pose a danger to your pet tarantula. If the cricket is not devoured by your tarantula in a few mintines, remove them as they also cause stress to the spider. leftovers must also be removed as they readily invite parasites like mites and fungi.

Lim Weijing Kelvin